"I lost my 16 year old son to suicide...


Talk - don't become another statistic."

- Rachel Williams 

 Eluned Morgan AM 

The numbers of deaths by suicide in Wales are staggering.

In 2017, 360 suicides were registered  - 77% of these were men.


We all have our part to play in reaching out and offering support to those in need by providing an opportunity to talk.


We know that if someone is having suicidal thoughts, receiving support from someone else can make a big difference.


Many people feel unable to talk about mental health due to the stigma that surrounds admitting there's a problem - we need to overcome this - we can all play a part in helping others feel comfortable enough to seek help without fear of being judged.


Please help us encourage more people to reach out and to open up - conversations can save lives.



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Every suicide is a tragedy and it is important to remember that there are many suicide attempts for each death.


The impact on families, friends and communities is devastating and far-reaching, even long after a life has been lost.


An open approach to mental health is the best way to help prevent suicide and I hope that as many people as possible will be part of this conversation.

It's up to all of us to start talking - and to keep talking!

 Jack Sargeant AM 

 Neville Southall 

Men sometimes aren’t comfortable reaching out to talk about their struggles with mental health.


You can help someone who may be struggling with suicidal feelings by simply listening, talking with them and checking in on them.


If you have experienced feelings of depression or suicidal ideation before, it may be helpful to share your stories and experiences with others – early intervention can save lives.


You don’t need to be a superhero, just a super human who cares!

 Eluned Morgan AM 

Mental illness is not a tangible thing people can see. Just because no one can see it, does not mean it is any less real. That’s why I’ve been speaking about my own troubles with mental health in a bid to try and get more people talking. We all have ways of numbing our pain, whether it be through alcohol, pills, self-harm or something else: it never stops the pain from happening. It only delays the pain and hits you that much harder when you finally let it. So let’s not underestimate the power of talking, because thoughts can leave deeper scars than anything else.


The story behind the pledge...

Mid Powys Mind came up with the initiative in response to the growing numbers of suicide rates in Powys - some of the highest in the country. 


The team firmly believe that talking about suicide helps and is one of the easiest ways to prevent more deaths from happening.


Developed with the kind support of Brenda Claridge, whose own

son Tristan tragically took his life, The 'pledge' is designed to make

it easier to speak to friends and family & to know where to get help.  


This is how it works - you put your name, number and email onto the back of the larger cards, so others can contact you if they need to. It is up to you where you put these and whom you share with.


Maybe you'd like to nominate someone in your group/team/office

and keep their details in your meeting room? Or maybe you could

exchange details with a friend or a family member?


The smaller business size cards are designed to be kept and carried around as a reminder of what to do, should help be needed.


The cards also contain contact details of services to speak to.


Sometimes all that’s needed is for someone to listen.




If I am struggling, I will:

Þ Tell someone that I need help

Þ Reach out to my friends for support

Þ Let someone know if I feel I may be suicidal

Þ Contact Mind for information and support, or if Mind is closed, use the helplines from CALM, CALL or Samaritans

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Courtesy of Mid Powys Mind - Many thanks to the team for sharing this resource



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There are a number of points of contact available for help and advice in Wales.


Get in touch MIND's Infoline for information on types of mental health problems, where to get help, medication, alternative treatments and advocacy. Call 0300 123 3393, email info@mind.org.uk or text 86463.


You may wish to contact your GP or Social Worker, or your local hospital. You can get details of local NHS services via www.wales.nhs.uk


The Samaritans can be contacted on telephone number 08457 909090 and at www.samaritans.org.uk


C.A.L.L. (Community Advice & Listening Line) offers emotional support and information/literature on mental health and related matters to the people of Wales and can be contacted on 0800 132 737 or through the website http://www.callhelpline.org.uk/


Contact the NHS on 111 for help and advice.

For non-urgent help, visit our Resources section to learn more about what support is available from helpful organisations.

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